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"...Tomlin's Tybalt proved to be as impressively commanding athletically when wielding a sword as he was vocally." The Washington Post (Roméo et Juliette)



"Among the others, special mention should be made of... Kyle Tomlin's hilarious Mercury." (Orpheus in the Underworld)



"The solo quartet offered considerable expressive flair... soprano Hailey Clark, tenor Kyle Tomlin, bass Steven Eddy -- likewise ornamented their lines vividly."  The Baltimore Sun (Messiah)



"Jesse Enderle, as the Christian soldier Ubalde, and Kyle Tomlin, as the Danish knight, put in very solid performances that were rewarded by spontaneous applause." The Ann Arbor News (Armide)



"Mr. Ware’s score played perfectly with the storyline, both supporting and mocking the frantic psychology of the terrorizing gunman, brilliantly portrayed by Brandon Grimes. Soprano Alex Clark and Tenor Kyle Tomlin showed their fear and confusion effectively and poignantly" Sequenza 21 (Luminous/Pitiless)

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